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Super Spout Top Bulk Sacks

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Bulk Bags

Why Buy Bulk Bags from Us?

CPP Bulk Bags provides a large variety of bulk bags (also known as super sacks, totes, one ton bags, jumbo bags, FIBC bulk bags (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) bags, big bags etc.) and can provide a simple bag or could be a super complex specification.  The bags are super tough and can hold up to 5,000 lbs, if constructed correctly, and this is why so many industries use the bags/sacks on a regular basis.  We have 70 different specifications of bags in inventory ready to ship to anywhere in the US same day.  However, most of our business comes from customers looking for complex bags or trying to resolve issues with their current supplier.  We excel at working with you to resolve any issues you may be having with either loading or unloading bags.   We produce custom bulk bags for food grade, pharmaceutical, mining, chemical, etc. and can provide any custom specification needed.  In addition, we can produce any type of liner needed from simply loose tube liners to high heat polypropylene and foil liners. We have been in the packaging industry for over 20 years and can bring a lot of knowledge to help you excel in your business.

Our Bulk Bag Plants

We utilize only state of the art plants, who are continually audited to ensure they are providing high quality standards when making bags.  Our plants have all the necessary certifications to manufacture bags for any industry including pharmaceutical bags.  Every part of the bags/sacks and liners are made onsite.  The liners are made in the same contiguous facility to keep from introducing any foreign materials from outside the plant.  All aspects of the bag including the fabric, ties, cords, down the polyethylene document pouch is made onsite.  We have been audited by major pharmaceutical companies many times and continue to pass all requirements to make bags for the most stringent market.  Our plants only use 100% virgin polypropylene and polyethylene resin to ensure we meet all FDA food and pharmaceutical requirements.  We do not use filler products which can lead to reduced integrity of the bags and cause failures.

  • AIB International Consolidated Standards for Food Contact Packaging Facilities Programmes
  • BRC Certified
  • ISO 6 Certified for extruding polypropylene liners (Class 1000)
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified for conforming to quality management system standards
  • ISO 14001:2004 certified for conforming to environmental management system standards
  • ISO 22000:2005 certified for conforming to food safety standards
  • Quality certification issued by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certifying that our Company meets the requirements of BRC/IOPIssue 3 – Global Standard- Food Packaging and other Packaging Materials, category 1 in respect of manufacture of poly woven bags and FIBCs for food contact applications

In compliance with the following European legislation:

  • Regulation EC 1935/2004
  • Regulation EC 2023/2006
  • Regulation 2002/72/EC
  • FSA Regulation: CFR Title 21.177.1520
  • European Pharmacopocia Clause # 3.2.2 and Clause # 3.1.3

Type of Bags/Sacks We Supply

Duffle Top Bulk Bags/Sacks

Our plant can make duffel top bags in any size or style needed.  These types of bags are sacks are super versatile and can be used in the field with a wheel loader or positioned under a conveyor to allow the product to easily drop into the bags.  They will be contrasted with four lifting loops or lifting straps to allow you to pick up with a forklift.  All you have to do is tell us what type of product your loading and the weight needed in the bag, and we will either point you to bags in inventory ready to ship or design a custom bag.

Super Duffle Top Sacks

Spout Top Bulk Bags/Sacks

Also, we make many spout top bags for our customers and these are essentially the same as duffle top, but they have the ability to attach the spout which protrudes from the bag onto a hopper to maintain a dust-proof unloading process.  These are necessary for dangerous chemicals or dusty products.

Super Spout Top Bulk Sacks

Who Uses Bulk Bags/Sacks?

Listed below are some of the types of industries we service and who use bulk bag on a continual basis:


For more information on any of these industries, click the links above.

Specialty Bags

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UN Approved bags

UN Certified Bulk Bag

Specialty Items

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