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Duffle Top Bulk Bags vs Spout Top Bags

What is the difference between Spout Top vs Duffle Top Bulk Bags?

Spout top bags are used primarily to load products that need to be contained while it flows into the bag from a hopper.  Items such as chemicals, dusty products, explosives, and hazardous products cannot be loaded without providing a closed off path from the hopper to the bag.  Conversely, duffle top bags are fully open bags but have a duffle that can close the bag off after loading the product.

Duffle Top Bulk Bags are Versatile

Duffle Top bags are one of the most useful types of bags, as you can use the to load with a wheel loader, hopper, conveyor, etc.  The ability to open the bag fully and to load many types of products is a huge advantage vs a spout top bag where you cannot load from anything other that a hopper.  Now, if you have a dusty or dangerous product, then you will have no choice but to load with a spout top bag.  We have many customers who setup a loading station under a conveyor and drop the product from 4-5 feet above and need to be able to open the bags fully to ensure the product will land in the bag.  Sometimes customer have confusion between a duffle top and open top bag.  The difference is that the open top bag has no way to close the bag when the loading is complete.  Whereas, a duffle top bag can be fully open when loading like an open top bag but can be closed off when complete.


Super Duffle Top Sacks

Spout Top Bulk Bags

If you have a hopper with a downspout and you have either a very dusty product or hazardous product to load into bulk bags, then you will need to configure a spout on the top of the bag.  Many people get confused by the terminology for bulk bag tops but it is easy when you picture a 14″x18″ tube coming out the back and associate that with a spout top bag.

Super Spout Top Bulk Sacks

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