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From Polyethylene to Foil Liners

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Bulk bag liner

Bulk Bag Liners

Why Does a Bulk Bag need a Liner?

Liners are needed in bags that are transporting dusty material to keep it from sifting out of the bag, to protect food grade products, for pharmaceutical products.  Also, liners are used for hydroscopic products to keep them from getting any exposure to moisture.  FIBC Bulk Bags are not sealed bags, as they are a woven polypropylene and the fabric is not sealed.  This means you can coat the bag to seal all the imperfections and sew a filler cord on the seams, but it will still not be able to keep out moisture and resist contamination.  Therefore, bulk bag liners are a must for some products and choosing the right material, style and fit can save a lot of headaches when loading and unloading.

We have not found a Bulk Bag liner we cannot make yet!

We were asked to make a bulk bag liner that could allow product to be loaded at a temperature of 275 degrees, and we developed a polypropylene liner that worked.  No matter what type of situation you have whether its high heat, possible chemical reactions, venting, etc.   We will develop a liner to handle your needs ensure it is tested properly for your product being loaded.  We make an extensive line of liners to fit any bulk bag.

All of our liners are made in house in the same building as where FIBC Bulk Bags are produced thereby allowing full integration between extruding the liner in an ISO 6 (class 1000) area to dispatch to the area for installing in the bulk bag.  This prevents any foreign material from entering the liners during transport.

Type of Liner Material

  • Polypropylene (PP) (High heat liner)
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Nylon
  • Foil

Shapes for Bulk Bag Liners

  • Sealed bottom with open top
  • Open top and open bottom (Tube Liner)
  • Form Fit liner where the liner is constructed in the shape of the bulk bag
  • Baffle Bag liners

Type of bulk bag liners

Types of Liner Styles

  • Loosely Fit
  • Glued In
  • Tabbed In

Method for Attaching Liners to Bulk Bags

  • We can install it loose in the bag
  • Attach it with a number of tabs in each corner
  • Have flanges on each corner that are sewed to the FIBC
  • They can also be glued to the FIBC bags

    How to attache a liner to a bulk bag

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