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Bulk Bag Loader

Companies looking for a bulk bag or FIBC bag loader have choices to make when deciding how to setup a loading area.  You could use a hopper to dump material in and discharge into the bags or you could have a more flexible way to load bags.  The Komac loader is the best constructed bulk bag loader on the market.  This loader is made in Germany with the best steel available.   Setting up a method of loading with our Komac loader gives you much more flexibility vs. a stand alone hopper.  First you are duplicating time and effort when loading into a hopper.  First you much use some mechanism to load the product into the hopper and then you can discharge the product into the bags.  With the Komac loader these steps become one and you are able to load the bag at the same time you are loading the product.  This is much quicker and can load 1 bag a minute using this method.  In addition, you have the flexibility of loading multiple products without changing anything.  With a hopper, you must remove the previous product from the hopper before moving on the next product.

Loading Bags with a Bucket

Another advantage to the Komac loader is the ability to load anywhere your product is located.  If you have four different products, you can go to each area and load right at the product’s location.

Loading in the field is another advantage, as you can transport this bucket to any location and be up and running in minutes…try that with a hopper.

Flood Bags
Loading bulk bags around a city to prevent a flood


Loading flood bags onsite
Placing the bag for flood prevention

Load 1 Bag a Minute

Loading with the Komac Loader is easy and fast!!!

Loading bulk bagsLoading bulk bags fast

We have models for both Spout Top, Duffle Top and Open Top Bulk Bags

Depending on what type of bags you will be loading, we can provide you with the correct model to load bags correctly.  In addition, we can provide an in cab controlled hydraulic gate valve to control the flow of the product, if necessary.


Bulk Bag Loader with Gate Valve

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