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Bulk Bags

What are bulk bags or FIBC bags?

Bulk bags which are called by many names such as FIBC bags, Big Bags, One Ton Bags, Big Sacks, etc.  These are made from woven polypropylene threads to produce a fabric that can hold upwards of 5,000 lbs.  They typically have four lift loops to enable them to be picked up with a forklift or to hold within a loading station while releasing the product into the bag.

Industries we serve:

We have current customers in the chemical, food, agriculture, fertilizer, sand, aggregate, mining, explosives, and many more.  Each industry has their own needs and tips and tricks to ensure everything works for loading the bags efficiently and properly.  We have spent countless hours working with our customers to understand what works and what does not, and we are glad to pass on that information to any of our customers.  There is no experience like being on the ground in a real working environment to see where the problems are occurring.  We have solved bulk bag problems related to bridging, loading too slow, unloading too slow, underfilling, overfilling, spouts sized incorrectly, and the list goes on.  Use our experience to help you through any problems you may be having.


Bulk Bag Fabric:

There are many styles of bulk bags, but it is best to start with defining the type of fabric.

  • Type A – This is your normal fabric and contains no antistatic properties
  • Type B – This fabric contains only minimal antistatic properties and cannot be grounded
  • Type C – This fabric is woven with wires within the fabric and can be grounded to eliminate sparking.
  • Type D – Antistatic properties built into the fabric (CROHMIQ). This fabric does not have to be grounded and will not produce any sparks with loading a product that has combustible dust or vapors.

Bulk Bag Styles:

  • Circular – This style of bag is made on the loom as a tube and is the lowest standard of bulk bag. It will not maintain its shape when loaded and will sit down and bulge out in the middle.  It will resemble a tomato when loaded, as the product will stretch the fabric when it is subjected to the pressure of the product being loaded.
  • U-Panel – A U-panel bag is a step up from a circular bag, as it will have two pieces of fabric resembling a U shape that are sewn together to make the shape of the bag. It will maintain it’s a square shape much better than the circular style.
  • Four-Panel – The four-panel bag is the best bag for staying square other than a baffle bag. It is made of up four pieces of fabric that make up the sides and one for the bottom.  These are all sewn together which resist the stretching tendencies of the bag and holds it in a cube shape much better.
  • Baffle – This style will be the best at keeping the cube shape of your product when the bag is loaded. It has additional baffles sewn down each corner to act as a pocket to fill each corner.  In addition, there are other pockets sewn on each side for all the product to gather around the baffles and pockets.  These are perfect if you have a small diameter product such as soybeans which can flow through the baffles without getting hung up.  These bulk bags will be easier to stack as they will make a nice square cube.

Different types of bulk bag tops and bottoms:

Top Styles

  • Spout Top – Typically these are a standard 14×18” tube that is tucked in the bag and can be pulled out to load the product. If loading a dusty product that is the best solution to provide a closed path for loading the bags from a hopper.
  • Duffle Top – Duffle top bags are essentially a thin piece of fabric sewn onto the top seam of the bag and can be folded down around the outside of the bag to allow a full opening at the top of the bag. Once the bag is loaded, the duffle can be raised up and tied off to seal the product off.  These are good if you are loading without a hopper and may be using a conveyor where a large hole is needed to allow the product to enter the bag.
  • Open Top – Open top bags do not have any thing at the top of the bag which allows product to freely flow into the bag from any mechanism whether it be a wheel loader, conveyor, etc. However, you will not be able to close off the top of the bag.
  • Flap Top – These are similar to an open top bag, but they do have a flat piece of fabric that can be laid over the product to protect it partially.

Bulk bag filling options

Bottoms Styles

  • Spout Bottom
  • Plain Bottom
  • Full Drop Bottom

Bulk bag bottoms

Types of liners we supply in FIBC Bulk Bags: 

  •           Loosely Fit Liner
  •             Tabbed Liner
  •             Glued Liner
  •             Sewn in Liner
  •             Foil Liner
  •             Polypropylene High Heat Liner
  •             Polyester Liner
  •             Nylon Liner

Specialty bags:

CROHMIQ Type D bags made to your custom specification in either blue of white fabric 

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