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UN Bulk Bags

UN Certified Bulk Bags

Typically, UN Bulk Bags are not available off the shelf to quickly buy and start shipping.  The exact specification of the bulk bag must be tested by an approved testing facility and awarded a UN Certification.  Once the certification is given, none of the parameters of the bulk bag can change or you will be non-compliant for that certification.  Also, this certification has to be renewed each year to ensure the bag is compared against the latest testing standards for your hazardous or dangerous products.   Once we have the certification, we can manufacture the bags and print the UN certification number assigned.

Types of UN Bulk Bag Tests

Depending on the Classification, Program Group and Class, your bags will be subjected to the necessary tests.

These are just some of the test which may be needed:

  • Drop Test
  • Puncture Test
  • Side Tip Over Test
  • Cobb Test
  • Stacking Test

UN Certified Bulk Bag

UN Testing Procedures

No matter what type of material you are transporting, we can help certify the bulk bags. We guide you through what type of bulk bag will be needed and all the specific testing to get UN Certified in order to ship your product legally.  If its flammable, explosive, corrosive, hazardous, etc., we can find the bulk bag and get it certified quickly.

We will determine the UN Number associated with your product

Based on the product itself, we have to Identify which Group/Class/Division the product falls in before we can determine what testing is needed.

Outline which test will need to be performed to gain UN certification

  1. Drop Test
  2. Puncture Test
  3. Cobb Testing for water absorption

Un Bulk Bag Testing

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