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Why Use CROHMIQ Type D Bulk Bags?

If you are currently using Type C bulk bags and are grounding each bag as you load it, CHROMIQ bulk bags could be a good solution to help you load faster and safer.  These bags can be custom made and come in either blue or white fabric.

CROHMIQ bags safely eliminate hazardous static discharges without the requirement of grounding.  The benefit of not having to ground each bag as you load it is why CROHMIQ bulk bags are used in many industries .  We have the ability to make any size or specification bulk bags, while also allowing lower minimum order quantities.  We are continually shipping bags from our plants overseas and can place your bags on one of our containers, so you don’t have to buy a full container of bags each time.

Shipping hazardous materials in bulk bags
hazmat bulk bags

Who uses CHROMIQ Bulk Bags?

Many industries use these bags where there is a risk of electrical discharge and the product being loaded into the bag contains combustable gas, dust or vapors.   These industries include chemical, pharmaceutical, food grade companies and many more.  For the safety of your employees, you must use either a Type C bag which has to be physically grounded or Type D which CHROMIQ falls under the Type D category.

CROHMIQ Blue Bulk Bags

Treat your hazardous product to CROHMIQ

The CROHMIQ® Safety Advantage

Type B

Type C


Dissipate static electricityCrohmiq Blue data
Prevent brush discharges ONLY WHEN GROUNDED
Prevent sparksCromiq blue requirements ONLY WHEN GROUNDED
Prevent PBD
Safe for use in presence of solvents (MIE > 0.14 mJ) ONLY WHEN GROUNDED
Safe for use with flammable powders (MIE ≤ 3mJ) ONLY WHEN GROUNDED
Safe for use with combustible powders (MIE > 3mJ) NOT SOLVENT WET ONLY WHEN GROUNDED
Safe for use without grounding NOT WITH SOLVENTS OR FLAMMABLE POWDERS

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